Monday, November 1



A - accept you as you are
B- believe in having fun
C - cherish time together
D- dream a big dream
E- encrich,comfort and delight
F- follow up and follow downs
G-  grow forever memories
H- honour each other feeling
I- invite you their heart
J- just call to says "how are you"
K- know when something up's
L- love no matter what
M- multyply joys and divide sorrow
N- nurture each other's soul's
O- overcome adversity together
P- pick you when you are down
Q- quickly forgive and makes up
R- reminds you of ours greatness
S- smile when they think of you
T- thrive on shared trust
U- understand when just listen
V- value time together's
W- walk with you side by side
X- xperience up's and down's
Y- yes to smile,no to cry
Z - zest to live,love and laugh.

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